The example of narrative, descriptive and argumentative text

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Narrative text

Every  Saturday morning I get up at eight o’clock. I immediately cook breakfast and my daughter and my wife and I usually have breakfast together. I usually go shopping. My daughter and wife usually go to the park to have some fun with the other children in our neighborhood.  After I do the shopping, I come home and my wife and I clean the house. My wife then cooks lunch while my daughter plays in her room and then we eat together. After lunch, we sometimes go shopping. If we don’t go shopping, we often go to the countryside for a nice walk. We often get home quite late and have a small dinner. We usually watch a film on TV and then go to bed at about eleven o’clock.


Descriptive text

I am forty years old, rather tall and I have blue  eyes and short black hair. I wear casual clothes as I teach students in a relaxed atmosphere. I enjoy my job because I get to meet and help so many different people from all over the world. During my spare time, I like playing tennis which I play at least three times a week. I also love listening to classical music and I  must admit that I spend a lot of money on buying new CDs! I live in a pretty seaside town on the Italian coast. I enjoy  eating great Italian food and laughing with the likable people who live here.


Argumentative text

Euthanasia is the taking of a person’s life and that is wrong even if the person desires- to die. Voluntary euthanasia can be defined as the person asking someone to take his/her life. It is a crime to take someone’s life. Who has the right to take another person’s life? Who should be allowed to state whether a person who should die? Who can determine whether taking a person’s life is for the benefit of the person who dies? These are questions that should be addressed by both sides of the debate. Many people state they want to die because their pain is so severe or they feel so depressed. However, as long as a person lives the hope of a better tomorrow is always there. Euthanasia is wrong according to the law and even  the natural law of the creator.



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