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The example of narrative, descriptive and argumentative text

Narrative text

Every  Saturday morning I get up at eight o’clock. I immediately cook breakfast and my daughter and my wife and I usually have breakfast together. I usually go shopping. My daughter and wife usually go to the park to have some fun with the other children in our neighborhood.  After I do the shopping, I come home and my wife and I clean the house. My wife then cooks lunch while my daughter plays in her room and then we eat together. After lunch, we sometimes go shopping. If we don’t go shopping, we often go to the countryside for a nice walk. We often get home quite late and have a small dinner. We usually watch a film on TV and then go to bed at about eleven o’clock.


Descriptive text

I am forty years old, rather tall and I have blue  eyes and short black hair. I wear casual clothes as I teach students in a relaxed atmosphere. I enjoy my job because I get to meet and help so many different people from all over the world. During my spare time, I like playing tennis which I play at least three times a week. I also love listening to classical music and I  must admit that I spend a lot of money on buying new CDs! I live in a pretty seaside town on the Italian coast. I enjoy  eating great Italian food and laughing with the likable people who live here.


Argumentative text

Euthanasia is the taking of a person’s life and that is wrong even if the person desires- to die. Voluntary euthanasia can be defined as the person asking someone to take his/her life. It is a crime to take someone’s life. Who has the right to take another person’s life? Who should be allowed to state whether a person who should die? Who can determine whether taking a person’s life is for the benefit of the person who dies? These are questions that should be addressed by both sides of the debate. Many people state they want to die because their pain is so severe or they feel so depressed. However, as long as a person lives the hope of a better tomorrow is always there. Euthanasia is wrong according to the law and even  the natural law of the creator.


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The exercise of conditional sentence

       Exercise : Complete the sentences with the verbs in parentheses

  1. If  I have enough apples, I (bake) ________________________ an apple pie this afternoon
  2. If I had enough apples, I (bake) ________________________ an apple pie this afternoon
  3. If the weather were nice today, we (go) _________________________ to the zoo
  4. I (make) _________________________  a tomato salad for the picnic tomorrow if the tomatoes in my garden are ripe
  5. Sally always answers the phone if she (be) _____________________ in her office
  6. Jim isn’t home right now. If he (be) _________________________at home right now, I (visit) ______________________ him
  7. If I (have) _________________________ enough money, I will go with you
  8. Fred failed the test because he didn’t study. However, if he (study) ____________________ for the test, he (pass) _______________________ it
  9. George has only two pairs of socks. If he (have) _______________ more than two pairs of socks, he (have to, not) _____________________________ wash his socks so often
  10. If I (have) ________________________my camera with me yesterday, I (take) ______________________a picture of Alex standing on his head
  11. I will fix your bicycle if I (have) ___________________ a screwdriver of the proper size
  12. If I (have) ____________________ enough money, I would have gone with you
  13. Linda wasn’t at home yesterday. If she (be) __________________ at home yesterday, I (visit) _______________________ her
  14. It’s too bad Helen isn’t here. If she (be) __________________ here, she (know) ________________what to do
  15. I got wet because I didn’t take my umbrella. However, I (get, not) ___________________ wet if I (remember) ______________ to take my umbrella with me yesterday
  16. An aerosol spray can will explode if you (throw) _________________it into a fire
  17. That sounds like a good job offer. If I (be) __________________ you, I (accept) ____________________it
  18. Sally would answer the phone if she (be) _____________________ in her office
  19. I (change) _____________________ the present economic policy if I (be) ________________the president of the United States
  20. I (make) _________________________  a tomato salad for the picnic tomorrow if the tomatoes in my garden were ripe
  21. Jack will shave today if he (have) _____________________a sharp razor
  22. Jack would shave today if he (have) _____________________a sharp razor
  23. I (not be) ___________________ a student in this class if English (be) _______________were my native language
  24. I would fix your bicycle if I (have) ___________________ a screwdriver of the proper size
  25. The cowboy pulled his gun to shoot at the rattlesnake, but he was too late. If he (be) _________________ quicker to pull the trigger, the snake (bite, not) ___________________________him on the ankle. It’s a good thing he was wearing heavy leather boots.

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The example of lesson plan for vocational school

  LESSON PLAN               


 SMK N 15 Vocational High School Jakarta

1. Subject                           :  English

2. Class/Semester          :  X/1

3. Meeting                        : I, II, III, IV

4. Time Allocation       : 13 X 45 Minutes

Standard Competence, Based Competency, and Indicators

1. Standard Competence     : Communicating in the Level Novice

2.Based Competence           : Comprehension based expressions of daily Activities, social interaction,

3. Indictors                          : – Greeting and Farewell

– Introducing self and others

– Thanking and response

– Apologizing and Response

Purpose of Learning

After learning process students are able to:

–          Greeting (sapaan) and Farewell (perpisahan)

–          Introducing self and other (perkenalan)

–          Thanking

–          Apologizing

–          Using Personal Pronouns as subject  and possessive

–          Using Simple Present To Be and Verb1


– Greeting                :  -Good Morning?                     -How are you

-I’m fine, thanks                    -See you later

– Introducing            :  -May I introduce my self? I am Budi.

:  -Ann this is Ida, Nice to meet you!

– Apologizing          :  -I am sorry for…                     -Please forgive me…

-Grammar Review personal pronoun as subject and possessive

: I – My – Mine. You – Your                   She – Her

: -I like this book.           -This is my book

: -You bought this car    -This is your car


  1. Methods of Learning

–          Speech (Ceramah, students listen and then speaking)

–          Group of work

–          Presentation (students perform the expressions)

–          Discussion

–          Written and Oral Test


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